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Business Description

Daiwa SB Investments is one of the largest investment management companies in Japan, and we have been serving overseas clients in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East since 1976.

Our services

Asset management for professional institutions

Daiwa SB Investments offers professional investment services for pension sponsors, financial institutions and government agencies at home and abroad.

Advisory services for investors

Daiwa SB Investments provides investment advisory services to clients for portfolio management. These services are highly-regarded, both here in Japan and overseas.

Investment trusts and other services

Daiwa SB Investments’ business activities also include management of investment trusts for individual investors, private investment trusts for institutional investors, offering of products for DC plans, and management of variable annuity products.

Total Assets Under Management

Trillion JPY

Total Assets Under Management 6.0
 Investment Management 2.7
Investment Trust 3.3

As of the end of March 2018

Daiwa SB Investments adheres to high ethical standards. Experienced professional staff and efficient business practices enable the company to cultivate advanced asset management capabilities, and maintain global recognition as a world-class asset management company.

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