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Daiwa SB Investments was established as an asset management company in 1999 as a strategic joint venture between Daiwa Securities Group, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, and the US asset manager T. Rowe Price.

Since before the formal establishment of Daiwa SB Investments, one of our predecessors, Daiwa International Capital Management Co., Ltd. had a global reputation as a bottom-up active investment manager that focused primarily on research and analysis of Japanese equity and fixed income markets.


After being awarded our initial foreign pension mandates in the 1970s, we have continued to pursue the highest standards of asset management so as to provide top class performance expected by, for example, petrodollar investors from abroad and public pensions at home.

The establishment of Daiwa SB Investments in 1999 gave us the opportunity to further our aspirations by enabling us to channel our efforts into the development of mutual fund operations and to provide high quality investment services to retail investors. We have harnessed the experience gained through managing institutional mandates in accordance with strict requirements, and have evolved our investment approach for retail investors. Mutual funds now account for almost half our assets under management. We are honoured in being able to positively contribute to society through facilitating the shift from savings to investments by offering a multitude of asset strategies to retail investors while markets are plagued by constantly low interest rates.

Thanks to the large-scale monetary easing policies implemented by a number of central banks around the world, the global economy has now largely recovered from the global financial crisis and corporate earnings are increasing at a steady pace. At the same time, however, there have been substantial changes within the asset management industry caused by reforms in financial regulation in a number of countries as well as the international spread of geopolitical risk.

The global economic and political landscape is currently undergoing a significant shift; nationalistic trends are building in a number of key economies and the futures of increasingly important emerging markets are shrouded in uncertainty. Given such conditions, I believe we will see a shift to more dynamic and geographically diversified investment approaches in the financial and capital markets as it becomes more important to shift focus from over-concentrated areas towards more regional areas.

We believe that the competitive edge of asset managers like Daiwa SB Investments that possess strong regional research and analysis skills and are strong in bottom up evaluations will continue to increase in these volatile transitionary macro environmental times.

We are currently planning the expansion of our historically strong overseas businesses. While in the past our overseas business centered on segregated investments in Japanese equity strategies, equal energy is now being directed to the development of asset management and marketing. Given the falling economic growth rate and disadvantegous demographic trends within Japan, we are now putting more resources towards investment in the promising Asian market. We are also promoting the selling of investment products to Europe and Asia that have until now only been sold in Japan while expanding our operations in general.

In May 2017, Daiwa SB Investments made a slight adjustment to its corporate principles and restated its “Customer First” policy. Thanks to continuous and rigorous feedback from our international and domestic customers, we have consistently met our targets in customer and client services care. In restating our “Customer First” policy we have shown our resolve to support business management that values the interests of all our customers, including our numerous retail investors.

We aim to build sustainable long-term mutually beneficial relationships with clients by placing their interests and needs at the forefront of every decision we make.

Daiwa SB Investments strives to be a globally recognized world class Japanese asset manager and our staff are committed to achieving this goal. We contribute to the development of both society and the capital markets by utilizing high ethical standards and being honest and fair in all business activities.


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