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Corporate Principles

Top in Quality

Top in Quality®

As a globally recognized pre-eminent Japanese Asset Management Company, we aim to be “Top in Quality” by delivering superior investment performance and services upon which customers can depend


Customer First

Daiwa SB Investments aims to build sustainable long-term mutually beneficial relationships with clients by placing their interests and needs at the forefront of every decision it makes.

Pursuit of Superior Asset Management Capabilities

Daiwa SB Investments believes that providing excellent investment performance is the best way to facilitate asset building for its clients, and is relentless in its pursuit of superior asset management capabilities.

Contribution to Society

Daiwa SB Investments holds the highest of ethical standards and conducts honest and fair business practices. Having a responsible role in the investment chain, it is committed to the healthy development of both society and the capital markets.

Training of Superior Staff

Daiwa SB Investments engages in the training of personnel that focuses on developing the creative ability of each individual staff member, and operates within a corporate culture that promotes free thinking and eagerly accepts new challenges.

Top in Quality is a registered trademark of Daiwa SB Investments

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